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Can I try the platform for free? 

Absolutely! We provide 1 week free trial access to the platform including 5 free trial tokens. If you run out of tokens before your free trial runs up, you'll be unable to generate influencer reports.  You can always end your trial early to get more tokens.  

What are tokens?

Tokens are required and spent within Socialyze whenever you want to analyse an influencer that has not been recently analysed.

How does "analyse" work?

If you analyse an influencer, you get a report based on the most up to date information we have on that influencer. That report is valid and can be accessed for 30 days. After that, you need to analyse the influencer again.

What if I want to keep my report for longer than 30 days? 

No problem.  You can generate a PDF version of any report by clicking the button “download PDF report'' at the top in the bio section of each individual report.  This allows you to keep your report as long as you want. Then, when you need to, you can click analyse once more to get an up to date version. We only require one token to get both formats for the same report. 

What if I run out of tokens? 

If you run out of tokens, you will have two choices, you can either wait until the end of your billing period, at which point you will receive a new batch of tokens, or you can reach out to purchase another bundle of tokens for the end of the month.  If you regularly run out of tokens, we recommend reaching out for a custom package.  

I signed up for a trial and only have 5 tokens, but the package said 150.

When you sign up for a trial, we limit your account to 5 free tokens to unlock reports. There are no other limitations, you can still enjoy and use of all of the other features during the trial. If you want to use the other tokens, you can simply end the trial early and make your first subscription payment. Once your first payment has been made, we will award the remaining tokens.

What are my payment options? 

We accept all major card payment providers including AMEX.

How can I cancel my subscription 

Easily cancel your plan in the payment settings section of the platform.  Find this by heading to Admin settings, Billing & Plan. You’ll also find in this section your next payment date and amount.  Select the cancel subscription button to terminate your account before your next billing cycle.  BUT before you go…. reach out to us so we can figure out how to help you stay. 

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